Production / Technology

Nejat Güllü BeyGulluoglu Baklavas, in their 160 years, are dedicated to improving themselves in every decade. Their facilities, being the world’s largest ones, have added various new technological improvements to production, development and storing to the Baklava world... .

Research and Development is very important for the Gulluoglu trademark. While keeping traditional tastes, the Gulluoglu Baklavas are always looking for new tastes for the changing world and its requirements. Every product made in the Kagithane facilities are within the regulations and prepared for both Turkey and to the world for sale. With it's roughly 350 employees, Gulluoglu's aim is to spread the traditional taste of Baklavas to the entire world....

Baklava master Nejat Gullu believes in technology as much as craftsmanship, and he put standards to Su Boregi and Baklava production. There are many machines and equipment that were added to the production of Baklavas and various other desserts by the hand of Nejat Gullu. These machines increase the production speed by 30% and bring standards into the production. The Kagithane production facilities have ISO 9001 and ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP quality awards.